Smoothies are one of the best ways to get your daily fiber. It can be so much easier to sip on some fiber while sitting at your desk or running around doing errands. These are some high-fiber smoothies that your gut will love.

Building kitchen confidence is a key part of the mindful gut® approach so after checking out the list let me know in the comments which smoothie you’re going to try.

on the left is a black smoothie and the right is a sweet potato smoothie

An unconventional smoothie ingredient

These smoothies feature fiber foods you’d usually see on your dinner plate but not today. Check out this black bean smoothie and a sweet potato smoothie.

1. Delicious Black Bean Smoothie

Black beans are pretty nutritious and they can actually go well in sweeter foods like brownies or this smoothie from The Heart Dietitian. It is sweetened with cherries and dates. Make sure to use no salt added beans for this one.

2. Sweet Potato Smoothie

This pretty in pink smoothie from Bucket List Tummy uses beets and sweet potato to give the smoothie its pretty hue. The nutrients in this smoothie also make it a good option for a post-workout snack.

on the left is a strawberry  banana smoothie and the right is a mixed berry protein smoothie

Classic flavor combos 

For when you want a smoothie that is perfect anytime, go for a classic flavor combo. Berries are the highlighted high-fiber food in these recipes.

1. Strawberry Banana Peanut Butter Smoothie

This strawberry banana peanut butter smoothie from Healthy(ish) Appetite only needs 4 ingredients. The peanut butter adds some fiber and a creamy texture.

2. Mixed Berry Protein Smoothie

Frozen berries are a must-have fiber food for your gut-friendly kitchen. This mixed berry smoothie from Chelsea Dishes is perfect anytime of the year.

on the left is a atiger king inspired smoothie bowl and the right is an island green tropical smoothie

Giving tropical smoothie vibes

Sip on a tropical smoothie and imagine you’re on a beach somewhere. These high-fiber smoothies use coconut or mango to whisk you away.

1. Tiger King Inspired Smoothie Bowl

Technically this is a smoothie bowl from Snacking in Sneakers but it’s definitely high in fiber. To get the “tiger stripes” for the bowl you’ll be using chia seeds and coconut.

2. Island Green Tropical Smoothie

Go green with this green tropical smoothie from Carrots & Cookies. It combines pineapple and mango chunks with coconut water and avocado which gives the smoothie its green color.

on the left is a chocolate raspberry smoothie and ther right is a rich chocolate smoothie with chia seeds

For the chocolate lovers

Chocolate works so well in smoothies giving you a high-fiber fuel with a little sweetness. Pair chocolate with peanut butter or raspberries for a beautiful flavor combo.

1. Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie

Chocolate and raspberries are a match made in heaven making this smoothie from Healthy Ideas Place a must-try. It also uses Greek yogurt for a protein and probiotic boost.

2. Rich Chocolate Smoothie with Chia Seeds

When you’re in the mood for that smooth flavor that only chocolate can bring try this rich chocolate smoothie using chia seeds from Monica Nedeff