Hey I’m Amanda.

I’m a big lover of pizza, I’m “that” dog mom (you know the one), and I believe that everyone deserves to feel like a rockstar when they leave the bathroom. 

That’s why I am so passionate about helping people kick their digestion and irritable bowel problems to the curb. 

As a registered dietitian and gut health nutritionist, I’ve been helping people since 2011 address their irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, diarrhea, food sensitivities, and intolerances. I’m also committed to help people get their guts (and lives) back on track.

Why work with me?

When you choose to work with me, my first goal is to make you feel comfortable (hello, poop flashcards!). 

From there, it’s all about getting you the tools and support you need to make a change.

It’s also important to me that you recognize that “gut health” isn’t just about the gut. We’ll also be working through how gut and digestion problems can affect the mind, body, and heart. 

When you work with me, I take the time to learn your health history and listen to your concerns and goals. We’ll work together to create a holistic plan that gets your gut (and your life) back on track.

The end goal is always to restore and strengthen your health. Plus, we’ll find foods you love… and that your body (and digestion) love back.

Some fun facts about me: 

I love pizza. A lot. Have I mentioned that already?

I play golf.

Find me and you find my dog, Rusty.

Rusty usually steps on a bee at least once a year so I am a huge fan of pet health insurance.

I love dancing, but I’m not great at it. 

I always have to lie down when giving blood (#fainter).

I listen to tons of podcasts and love radio drama podcasts.

I was recognized Young Dietitian of the Year in California by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics for 2014. 

Working with a qualified gut health nutritionist

When it comes to you mindfulness gut  it’s important to work with someone who’s qualified, experienced, and educated. 

Even if you choose not to work with me, please search for certified, accredited professionals. This can make all the difference in your gut health recovery.

5 + 3 =

Accreditations & Certifications 

Bachelors of Science in Dietetics & Nutrition from California State University Long Beach

Masters of Science in Nutritional Science from California State University Long Beach

Registered Dietitian through the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR)

Certified LEAP Therapist (CLT)

Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

Advanced training in Integrative and Functional Nutrition

Advanced training in Culinary Genomics

Usui Reiki, level 1/2

Recognized as Young Dietitian of the Year in California by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics for 2014