Brand Collaborations + Workshops

Bring your audience exciting, empowering, and effective information that they can use today to feel amazing about their digestive health.

I’m a registered dietitian and creator of The Mindful Gut®, a lover of pizza, and a champion of variety and joy in a sustainable lifestyle.

I love working with brands who care about holistic health, whole foods, and mindful self-care.

As your partner, I create customized content to help your visitors and customers become more educated about their digestion and more confident in their ability to take awesome care of their body.

My approach combines beautifully with products and services like:

  • Fermented foods
  • Foods that help add variety to your diet
  • Self-care and holistic health coaching
  • Office and employee wellness

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My services include:

Workshops and lunch and learn presentations

Can include snack- or meal-sized samples so you can taste what I teach

Course contributions

Can include guest expert sessions and/or custom videos or materials that integrate with your program

Instagram influencer collaborations

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My specialty is combining interesting tidbits of nutrition science with actionable takeaways that you can enjoy today. Clients love my down-to-earth attitude, warm approach, and gentle nudges to take the next step forward in their journey to health.

Contact me to discuss your project and get a custom collaboration proposal.