Feel like a rockstar when you leave the bathroom.

Kick your gut challenges and irritable bowel to the curb with holistic support and programs that unlock lasting change.

Gut health is the first step to unlocking lasting change in your life. If you’ve struggled with gut challenges, upset stomach, and signs of irritable bowel throughout your life, you know what a toll it can take — on your mind, body, and heart.

You’re here because you’re ready to take charge of your gut health (and your life). I’m here to help. A registered dietitian and gut health nutritionist, I work with all of my clients to reset, rest, and restart their gut with my Mindful Gut Method.

Unlike fad diets, one-size-fits-all programs, and bad internet advice, I work with you to understand your symptoms, your body, and you. As a person. Because you’re more than your gut.

Every(body) is different.

That’s why I offer a personalized approach to helping you address your irritable bowel symptoms.

90-day Gut Reset Program

Uncover your gut’s enemies and work to find its friends with testing, elimination, and re-introduction.

40-day Gut Reset Program

Trust your gut, stress less, gain kitchen confidence, and eat with intention in the “Gut Group.”


Everyone deserves quiet time, healing, and recovery. In addition to my gut nutrition services, I am also a Certified Reiki Practitioner.

Meet your mindful gut mentor

I’m Amanda.

Think of me like your mindful gut mentor.

I’m a registered dietitian and gut health nutritionist, lover of pizza, and your pal in all things poop-related.

I’m here to help you heal your gut, your relationship with food, and how you feel every time you leave the bathroom.