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Live your best gut-friendly life

Using science & strategy to improve your gut health with The Mindful Gut® approach.

If you struggle with sensitive digestion (or just want to improve your gut), you probably already know a lot about gut health—the long lists of “supposedly” forbidden foods, the impossible to maintain restricted menus, and the confusing contradictions, like, “Am I supposed to eat more fiber, or is it making me cramp?”

It’s a bit crazy-making, right? Let me show you another way.

It turns out, that your gut-friendly foods are unique.

No one will have the same digestion, gut microbiome, or gut feelings as you do. This means you are free from those never-ending lists of forbidden foods.

Feeling your best with a happy gut means learning to read your body’s cues and take care of all the factors that influence your gut and this is what The Mindful Gut® is all about.

The Mindful Gut® approach uses science and strategy to help you discover your gut-friendly life and it is built on 5 principles…

    • Trusting Your Gut
    • Rest & Recharge
    • Kitchen Confidence
    • Eating With Intention
    • Purpose Over Perfection

Want to learn more about The Mindful Gut® check out this blog post here.

Every(body) is different.

That’s why I teach The Mindful Gut® approach—to help you understand your unique digestive needs and find easy, sustainable ways to satisfy them.

The Mindful Gut® Live Classes

Fill the Fiber Gap class is this August!

Collaborations + Workshops

Bring your audience exciting, empowering, and effective information that they can use today to feel amazing about their digestive health.

Meet your Mindful Gut Mentor

I’m Amanda, your mindful gut mentor.

I’m a Registered Dietitian and gut health nutritionist, lover of pizza, and champion of variety and joy in your gut-friendly life.

I’m here to help you learn easy, customizable, and effective ways to take loving care of your gut. What your body really needs is probably more exciting and fulfilling than you thought.

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