Fill the Fiber Gap Class


How does fiber work in the gut? Why do some make you gassy? We’re gonna talk all things fiber + we’re cooking! Class is Aug 19th at 3pm.


We’re going to make fiber sticky.

Fiber helps trap waste which is why fiber is kinda sticky. But those detox properties are just one reason we should be eating more fiber but it’s so much more.

This class is going to make why you wanna fill the fiber gap sticky. You’ll not only remember why fiber is so important but have a better appreciation for how it works in your body.

And when you have a better appreciation of fiber you’re more likely to include it on the daily and that’s how you fill the fiber gap.

Together we’re going to talk about:

  • What fiber even is
    • How much fiber we should eat
    • We’ll touch on other benefits of fiber too
  • How fiber works in your gut & improves pooping
    • This is the best part
  • A deep dive on specific types of fiber
    • We’ll talk about food + supplement sources

We’ll also be cooking + you get access to fiber filled recipes.

Together we’ll make chia jam plus another recipe to be announced.

You’ll also be getting access to my online recipe box with curated fiber filled recipes for you to try at home.

The class will be recorded.