Ready for Better Gut Health?

You know you need help with your gut. But diets and DIY attempts aren’t working. You’re ready to find out what works for you so your gut can feel good for the long-term.

And you’re ready to make poop jokes while doing it.

Here’s how I can help…

Group Gut Coaching

Trust your gut, stress less, gain kitchen confidence, and eat with intention in the “Gut Group.”

Brand Collaborations

Bring your audience exciting, empowering, that they can use today to feel amazing about their digestive health.

Meal Planning

Take the guesswork out of what to eat everyday. Make tasty, nutritious foods instead.

Client Testimonials

Amanda’s expertise and coaching style has been the perfect combination to help me learn and reset.

Amanda helped me listen to my body and be gentle with myself and to make much better choices nutritionally.  I love Amanda’s open and encouraging style.


I spent almost a year and a half with some stomach issues that would NEVER go away.  I was constantly bloated and/or gassy and/or having pooping issues! In the first 48 hours of starting this “diet”, my stomach turned into a world better. I wouldn’t call it a diet since diet has a negative connotation against it but it was a limit of certain foods. Amanda is sweet and understanding and open and there is no reason to be afraid to talk to her about getting your pooping situation comfortable for living life!!!  She would go out and do her research to help me find things that I would enjoy eating and if something didn’t work, she would keep helping me look for more foods/ingredients. 


I didn’t realize how bad my symptoms were until I had my first symptom-free day after six days of working with Amanda. 

I no longer carry Pepto Bismol with me at all times and I even lost some weight which was a nice bonus. My friends comment on how clear my skin looks which was also a surprise. Mostly it feels great to know that I have the tools I need to avoid triggering symptoms and that gives me peace of mind.