Veggies are cool by themselves but even better when you have a dip. A nice creamy cool dip for you to dunk your veggies in can be a great snack, appetizer, or just anytime food. 

A good veggie dip only needs two things.

All you need for a good veggie dip are two basic components. First you need something to serve as the base of the dip and then you need ingredients to give that dip some flavor.

The base of your veggie dip doesn’t always need mayo.

From yogurt to mayo to cheese you will find that these serve as some of the more popular bases for a veggie dip that uses dairy. Whichever base you choose of them will have guaranteed creamy flavors.

Here are a couple dairy options for your veggie dip.

Here’s how to make dairy-free veggie dips.

Dairy-free bases for your veggie dip is where your creativity can really shine. There’s a couple different choices you can make when it comes to finding a dairy-free base that gives you that creamy mouthfeel you look for in a veggie dip.

Dairy-free yogurts

Swapping a dairy based yogurt for a dairy-free yogurt is probably the easiest way to make a veggie dip dairy free. There are tons of dairy-free yogurt options you can easily find at your local market. Look for a yogurt that is on the thicker side (coconut yogurt might do well here) and you will have an easy sub for pretty much any dip recipe that calls for dairy.

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds have a high fat content (healthy fats) and it’s thanks to those healthy fats that you can get that creamy flavor without the dairy. The most popular nut you will see used for dairy-free dips is cashew. After soaking in water cashew blend really well into your dip so you are left with a nice smooth dip.


Bean dips would fall under this category and who doesn’t love a good bean dip? There are many different bean varieties that can be used to make a veggie dip. In fact, the simplest of veggie dips would be to grab a can of your favorite beans and mash them then add a little salt and cumin. Boom, you’re done. Chickpeas are also a crowd favorite in the form of hummus.


Tofu not only will give a creamy texture to your veggie dip but it will also add a punch of plant-based protein too. Make sure to pick up silken tofu at the grocery store otherwise you’ll be left with a tofu that doesn’t blend into a smooth consistency.


Do I need to say more? Avocado is the perfect creamy pairing for your veggies in the form of guacamole. There are so many variations of guacamole but no matter how you make your guac you’re guaranteed a good amount of fiber. Avocado is one of my fave fiber foods (click here to read my other favorite fiber foods).

Here are a couple dairy-free options for your veggie dip.