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Check out some of my fave products so you can live your best gut-friendly life.

All of my favorite products in one spot.

Here are a collection of some of my favorite products and tools that I use and recommend for clients and tools for fellow dieititians. They can help you live your best gut-friendly life. The links below are affiliate links and I am an Amazon Associate. Have a product you want featured? Contact me.

Check out some of fave gut health tools

From my fave gut health books, to kitchen tools for a gut-friendly kitchen, to bathroom items that will help you get in optimal pooping position I have them all here in my Amazon store.

cartoon gut holding weights

Fitness Classes

One of the most underrated ways to help you poop is moving your body! I love Obe’s cardio boxing and dance classes. Get a free 30-day pass .

high protein breakfasts

High-Protein Breakfast Recipes

Get 9 easy high-protein breakfast recipes with a complete grocery list for only $2.

smoothie recipe pack with blender, green smoothie, and veggies

Smoothie Recipe Pack

Get 7 smoothie recipes using fiber foods for only $1.

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Prebiotic Fiber Supplement

My fave prebiotic fiber supplement that also includes probiotics. Use code AMANDASAUCEDA10 for 10% off.

Looking for a meal plan?

I have a gut-friendly meal plan that is fully customizable and is only $9/month. You can cancel anytime.

Simple and affordable

There’s never been a better way to eat great food without agonizing over what to make — or how to cook it.


Breakfast, lunch, and dinner—with access to the recipe box so you can swap in different recipes.

Dietitian Resources

Master The Media

The perfect media training for dietitians & health professionals. I found the coaching calls to be the most beneficial part of the program.

Practice Better

An easy-to-use EHR will schedule clients and can also be a good starter for running online group programs.

SEO Made Simple

Create content that adds value for your audience and gets you seen on Google in this SEO course


I use this tool to create all my infographics on Instagram.

Living Plate

Living Plate offers meal planning software and a whole suite of tools (presentations, e-books, and more) to support your practice. Get 20% off your first payment.

Beat The Algorithm

This was the first Instagram course I took and it gives a good background on starting out and growing on Instagram.


One of the easiest and cleanest email services. Get 50% off when you use my link.