The Mindful Gut™ Group Coaching Program

Build an intimate relationship with your body and fall back in love with food

The Mindful Gut™ is a guided group program designed to help women with digestive issues build their own customized, gut-happy lifestyle. With video training, practice assignments, and group coaching sessions, we’ll identify your body’s unique needs, increase its resilience, and learn easier, more satisfying ways to take loving care of your gut.

The 6 weekly modules cover evidence-based topics that go beyond restrictive diets. Although your previous food eliminations were probably helpful to diagnose your digestive issues, I’m willing to bet that you don’t want to live on that same limited menu for the rest of your life! 

Variety and self-expression are vital for your mental health, and it turns out, those things are essential for your digestive health, too. With The Mindful Gut™, you’ll learn and practice simple, practical ways to expand your food choices and make confident decisions, even when your options are limited, without sacrificing our delicate gut.

The Mindful Gut™ opens for registration a couple of times per year.

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