To cleanse or not to cleanse? That is the question.

Cleansing can be a controversial topic and juicing has to be one of the most popular cleanses out.

Today I am going to shake up everything you know about juice cleanses for gut health. You’re going to want a glass of your fave green juice after this.

Why most juice cleanses can suck for your gut

First, we got to start off with why most juice cleanses suck. Yup, I said it. A lot of them out there aren’t really going to do much in ways of improving your gut health.

Two big problems arise when people start promoting random juice cleanses for your gut. 

  1. Juice alone really isn’t going to do much to help you detox which is usually the goal when someone does a cleanse. 
  2. Juices alone aren’t a miracle cure for anything.

Did you catch that first part?

“Juices alone…” This is because juices alone aren’t going to give your body everything that it actually needs. Don’t get me wrong. They can be an easy and wonderful source of nutrition but they are lacking in some key areas.

And while juices might be easier on the digestive system because the fiber has been removed they aren’t always easier on your digestion (more on this in a minute).

What a good gut juice cleanse should actually do

The best juice cleanse for your gut is going to support your body’s built-in detox pathways. This means you want a juice cleanse that will help support your liver and digestive tract. 

Your liver is key to filtering out toxins and needs specific nutrients to support that process. PS. Celery juice often touted for its cleansing properties, isn’t all that great with supporting your liver.

Then your digestive system takes over to shuttle those toxins out of the body. This is another reason why pooping on the regular is so important to detoxing. You’re literally taking out the trash.

What if you have digestive issues

Generally speaking, if digestive problems are the main reason you want to do a juice cleanse, I would actually caution against it. Juice cleanses can introduce too many variables.

For example, juicing can be a concentrated source of sugars and this can overload your digestive system so you might feel even more digestive upset. Also, juicing might introduce a lot of different veggies or fruits that you aren’t used to eating and/or don’t eat often. 

Food sensitivities are especially dependent on the amount of food eaten and how often you eat it. So if you start adding a bunch of juice into your diet then you won’t know if it’s the sugar, the ingredients, or a combo of both.

three juices on white backdrop with grapes and ginger

How to do a juice cleanse that supports your gut health

A gut health juice cleanse is perfect to do when you feel like you need a little extra oomph in your diet. You know those times where you feel like you haven’t been on point with your gut game plan.

Use it as a tool for when you find yourself in a food rut.

Note: You can use your favorite juicer but you don’t have to. A high-powered blender (I like this Vitamix) works too and a blender also keeps the fiber.

  1. Drink a new juice every day for 5-7 days
  2. Keep the amount to 4-8 ounces
  3. Make different colored juices
  4. Include ingredients you don’t usually eat
  5. Eat actual food during the cleanse

1. Drink a new juice every day for 5-7 days 

A new juice every day will help you shake up your routine and add variety to your diet. Your gut loves and needs variety. The short time frame makes this cleanse quick, easy, and doable.

2. Keep the amount to 4-8 ounces

This amount will ensure you keep your juice fresh which means you won’t have a lot of nutrition loss. Vitamins are destroyed the longer they are exposed to oxygen. Plus, keeping the amount smaller keeps sugar content lower and helps prevent loose poops.

3. Make different colored juices

Drink the rainbow by incorporating different fruits and veggies. Different colors mean different antioxidants that offer health benefits for your body. Make a special emphasis to get one green juice as leafy greens are extra supportive for your gut. 

4. Include ingredients you don’t usually eat

A cleanse is about giving your body foods it doesn’t usually get. Plus, we might like the juice of food before we start liking that food in its whole form. This means you’ll be expanding your palate for after the cleanse too.

5. Eat actual food during the cleanse

Juice alone won’t do your gut any favors. Juice is lacking in fiber and protein – two critical components for a happy gut and efficient detoxing for the body.

three juices on white backdrop with grapes and ginger

During your juice cleanse, focus on eating PFFF

If you’re wondering what you can eat during this cleanse you want to focus on PFFF. This is where we can incorporate “eating with intention” which is part of The Mindful Gut™ Approach.

If you’re wondering what you can eat during this cleanse you want to focus on PFFF. This is where we can incorporate “eating with intention” which is part of The Mindful Gut™ Approach.

blue plate divided into four sections with protein, fiber, fat, and fermented food

Eat PFFF – protein, fat, fiber, and fermented foods. 

The combination of protein, fat, fiber, and fermented foods means you’re going to all the nutrients your gut and liver require for proper detoxing.

At each meal focus on incorporating all four of the components. For snacks, mix and match any of the components with protein. If you don’t hit on all of the components each time don’t stress, what you’re looking for is eating it more often than not.

Remember “purpose over perfection”

Lastly, remember that there’s no such thing as a perfect gut or perfect anything.  So if you skip a day or forget to eat PFFF it’s all good. Your purpose is what actually matters (this is another part of The Mindful Gut™ Approach). Your purpose helps you find progress with ease.

three juices on white backdrop with grapes and ginger

What to eat after your juice cleanse

After your cleanse requires some prep work, but don’t worry, you’ve already started. 

Focus on building PFFF plates on the daily

Continue trying to build your plate around PFFF.

Use your past week as a way to clue in on what areas you can improve on. What parts of PFFF were easier and areas that were more difficult for you? Maybe protein at breakfast was a breeze but lunch not so much. 

Eat one of your juice ingredients in its whole form

Use this as an opportunity to continue the practice of having foods you don’t normally eat. 

The skin of fruits and vegetables are loaded with its own set of nutrients so eating the entire food can help bring even more variety and nutrition into your diet.

Pick one of the fruits of veggies from your fave juice and find a way to eat that in its whole form. Try to pick a fruit or veggie that isn’t a regular part of your diet.

Some juicy final thoughts 

This is a juice cleanse we can all get behind. 

It’s one that gives your body an extra shot of nourishment while giving your liver and digestive system the core nutrients it needs to support your body’s natural detoxification.

One of the best parts of this cleanse is you’ll also have started to create the habit of having a gut-healthy plate on the daily. Your gut loves consistency and a PFFF plate is one you want to focus on creating all year round.

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