The 90-Day Gut Reset

1:1 gut coaching to help you live life on your terms (not your stomach’s)

If you’ve struggled with irritable bowel and gut challenges for a long time, you know that fad diets and bad internet advice will only get you so far.

You’re ready to find the support and guidance you need to decrease digestive challenges, address food sensitivities, and finally feel in control of your health (and bathroom visits).

That’s why I created the 90-Day Gut Reset Program.

What’s the 90-day Gut Reset Program?

Based on my Mind Gut Method, this 90-day program will help you create a happy gut, a better relationship with food, and a life that doesn’t have to be planned around your bathroom visits.

This 1:1 gut coaching program helps you decrease your digestive symptoms by uncovering first food sensitivities and then developing a personalized elimination diet.

Together, we’ll identify the foods that don’t align with your gut, and create an eating and lifestyle plan that’s right for you.

Is the 90-Day Gut Reset right for you?

It is if…

  • your stomach dictates how you feel everyday
  • you have to run to the bathroom more than you’d like to admit
  • you sometimes don’t have a bowel movement for days
  • your body seems to have digestive struggles, no matter what you eat
  • It feels like digestive symptoms come out of nowhere
  • you have been told that you have irritable bowel syndrome

Symptoms improved with the reset

  • bloating
  • gas
  • constipation
  • diarrhea
  • urgency
  • overall digestive discomfort

How does the 90-Day Gut Reset Program work?

This 1:1 gut coaching program works in three stages: 

  • Food testing
  • Food elimination
  • Food reintroduction

Unlike other gut health programs, though, the 90 days are also spent understanding how your gut health affects your mind, body, and heart. On top of food testing and food elimination, we’ll work on understanding your relationship with food, your gut, and the bathroom.

As we move toward reintroduction in the last 30 days, we’ll work to find foods that make you feel good, that you love, and that make you (and your gut) happy.

Days 1-30

Know exactly what foods are the ones causing your digestive symptoms.

Days 30-60

Expand your food choices and learn your personal tolerance.

Days 60-90

Be able to eat out with your loved ones without worry about how your stomach feels.

“Amanda helped me so much through a hard time I had with some gastrointestinal issues. I learned a lot about how certain foods can trigger my symptoms and I still implement all of that in my every-day diet. I loved how her approach was to ultimately teach me how to be able to manage my symptoms in the long run. She was so supportive and listened to everything I had to say, taking it all into account before developing my treatment plan. I had a wonderful experience with Amanda, she is such a caring professional and I would highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to learn how to manage a better lifestyle!”

– Bruna

“I would recommend working with Amanda to anyone who has issues with food, diet, nutrition, stomach and intestinal issues, and who wants to manage with diet and knowledge of which foods are right for them to eat.  I found through food sensitivity testing that I was eating a lot of the wrong foods, and that eating a lot of foods that I did not know I was sensitive to brought on my colitis issues.

The one-on-one personal counseling sessions with Amanda were very encouraging and inspiring, and the fact that this is not a “one size fits all” diet.  This way of eating is based on what I am specifically sensitive to, and I have a lot of flexibility to add foods. Also, I love the fact that Amanda uses Pinterest to pin food ideas especially for me!”

– Cat

What to expect over the next 90 days

If the 90-Day Gut Reset Program is right for you, we’ll get started right away. Expect to:

  • Complete a food sensitivities test.
  • Have a limited diet for a month, based on your test results.
  • Expand on your diet during the elimination and reintroduction phases.
  • Cook 30-minute meals, 3-4 days a week to make sure you are only eating safe foods that help manage your symptoms.
  • Keep a daily food and mood journal to track food, symptoms, sleep and stress.

What to expect AFTER the program ends

Once you’ve completed the full 90 days, you can expect to:

  • Know your trigger foods
  • Know which foods are kind to your gut (and that you enjoy eating)
  • Experience fewer and better-managed digestive symptoms
  • Reduce your irritable bowel flare-ups
  • Have a longer list of foods you can eat, cook with, and enjoy
  • Enjoy a meal out with friends without having to worry where the nearest bathroom is
  • Not have to carry TUMS with you everywhere you go
  • Leave the bathroom feeling like a rockstar

    What’s included in this 90-day, 1:1 program?

    I want you to get the fastest (and safest) results possible while feeling completely supported. As part of this 1:1 gut coaching program, you’ll get:

    Food Sensitivity Blood Test*

    • (1) MRT blood test to uncover your food sensitivities (the foods contributing to your symptoms)  ($695 value). Tests 141 foods and 29 chemicals
      • The phlebotomy is not included. Depending on your location and the service provider you choose, prices may range from $40-$80. Most phlebotomy fees are around $40 and I will assist in finding a phlebotomist local to you.
    • *The lab fee for the MRT blood test will be paid directly to the company, Oxford Biomedical. 

    Expert Accountability and Support

    • 5 sessions to develop a personalized elimination diet ($1100 value)
      • (1) 75-minute initial session and (4) follow-up sessions (45-60 minutes each)
      • Sessions can be delivered virtually or in my Long Beach office on Friday mornings
    • Email support between sessions ($300 value)
      • Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm PST

    Meal Planning Support and Meal Delivery*

    Ongoing meal planning support during the 90 days
    Handpicked recipe ideas with notes on how they can
    be adapted for your personalized elimination diet
    ($150 value)

    *For Long Beach locals (optional): (7) meals made by a personal chef created specifically for your personalized elimination diet, delivery included (additional $140, normally $200)

    Total Value: $2,245

    Investment: $1,850

    Find out if the 90-Day Gut Reset is right for you.

    Frequently asked questions about the 90-Day Gut Reset Program

    Will I benefit from food testing & elimination?

    The 90-Day Gut Reset Program is perfect for individuals dealing with irritable bowel syndrome and similar symptoms. If you feel that certain foods bug you but have no idea what they are, or you’ve had a “sensitive” stomach all your life and it’s worse now, this is also a great program for you. People who’ve tried elimination diets in the past and were not happy with the results have also been happy with their results in this program.

    Please be advised that you might not be a good fit for this program if you are struggling with an eating disorder or would like to just have the test without implementing the personalized elimination diet.

    How soon will I start to feel better?

    My clients start to feel better after 14 days of starting their personalized elimination diet.

    Is there a 90-day guarantee?

    If you commit to food testing, elimination, and reintroduction and completing the exercises in the 90-day program, you’ll experience a change in your gut symptoms. Each person differs, so results may vary. There are no refunds available.

    Is there a payment plan available?

    Yes, Amanda does offer a 3 month payment plan.

    Do you offer virtual or in-person sessions?

    Yes! Amanda offers both virtual sessions (via videochat or phone) and in-person sessions in her Long Beach, CA office on Friday mornings. Please be advised Amanda’s office is on the 2nd floor with no elevator access available.