The 30-Day Gut Reset

1:1 gut coaching that helps you tune in, trust your gut, and find presence over perfection.

If you’ve struggled with finding a way of eating that doesn’t feel like you’re depriving yourself and doesn’t align with your life or health goals, you know that another diet is the last thing you need.

You’re ready to unlock lasting change on your journey to a healthier life.  With a few simple changes that focus on gut health we will be optimizing your overall health. Gone are the days of worrying if the latest diet trend is something you can sustain year to year.

You can find that with the 30-Day Gut Reset Program.

What’s the 30-day Gut Reset Program?

The 30-Day Gut Reset Program is a gut coaching program built on my Mindful Gut Method. Rather than strictly focusing on food and diets, we’ll work on moving toward alignment with your choices and lifestyle.

Together, we’ll move through the five pillars of the Mindful Gut Method so you can change your relationship with your gut and foods you eat.

The Pillars of the Mindful Gut Method

Trust your gut

Many of our digestive challenges stem from decisions that don’t agree with our guts. Let’s learn how to listen.

Stress less

Many gut health diets and programs don’t address stress as a factor for irritable bowel. This one does.

Kitchen confidence

One of the biggest challenges to better gut health is knowing what to eat and how to prepare it. Let’s fix that.

Eat with intention

Mindful eating can help us tune into our gut, listen to what it’s saying, and make decisions that keep us healthy.

Purpose over perfection

Trying to be perfect is exhausting and the reality is there’s no such thing as a perfect gut. Focus on purpose over perfection.

Benefits of the 30-Day Gut Reset

After the 30-day group coaching program, you’ll:

  • Understand hunger and fullness cues
  • Better understand which foods trigger your symptoms
  • See how stress and lifestyle can affect your gut
  • Feel like a kitchen rockstar
  • Have a meal plan that helps you manage your symptoms
  • Be able to eat with more intention and attention
  • Know you don’t have to be perfect to have a happy gut

Is the 30-Day Gut Reset right for you?

It is if…

  • You have occasional gut challenges
  • Your ready to make some changes and want a gentle, easy way to start 
  • You have been told that you have irritable bowel syndrome
  • You want to understand your trigger foods
  • You are open to evaluating other parts of your life and how they affect your gut health
  • You want to feel healthy from the inside out

How does the 30-Day Gut Reset Program work?

This gut coaching program works in four stages: 

Week 1

Trusting your gut

Week 2

Stressing less

Week 3

Gaining kitchen confidence

Week 4

Eating with intention

Over the next 30 days, you’ll work to understand your relationship with food, physical activity, cooking, and even your values. All of this will help you tune into your body, and help you better understand the cues it’s sending you about food.

Unlike other gut health programs, though, the 30 days are also spent understanding how your gut health affects your mind, body, and heart. You’ll work toward understanding the messages you receive from your gut, as well as address obstacles like stress, meal planning and cooking, and more.

“I am grateful for Amanda’s expertise and her awesome personality – she is a good listener, she respected that this plan was for me, and reminded me a few times that it’s my body. Also, she has a great sense of humor. I would absolutely recommend Amanda to anyone looking to correct their digestion issues, or ability to process foods.” 

– Kate

“Changing diets is no easy task, but Amanda is a great resource and guide for making new and healthier eating habits.  I contacted her in order to gain more information on food sensitivities and appreciate that our dialogue was geared towards healthy and long term changes rather than dangerous diet tricks.  Amanda walked me through my test results and I felt confident about putting together meal plans that were grounded with information specific to my system. I learned how to cook with new ingredients and what to buy that is still budget friendly.  It’s been over 6 months since I made my dietary changes and I continue to feel better.”

– Lauren

What to expect over the next 30 days

If the 30-Day Gut Reset Program is right for you, we’ll get started right away. Expect to:

  • Work through exercises to evaluate your gut’s cues about food, hunger, fullness, etc.
  • Address factors in your life that could also be triggering your gut challenges.
  • Expand on your diet with new foods that you can eat that make you and your gut happy.
  • Feel more confidence when it comes to grocery shopping, cooking, and meal planning.
  • Keep a daily food and mood journal to track food, symptoms, sleep and stress.
  • Engage in sessions where you’ll share your progress, challenges, and questions.

What to expect AFTER the program ends

Once you’ve completed the full 30 days, you can expect to:

  • Know what your gut is saying about food, stress, and physical activity
  • Have more confidence in the kitchen and in your meal choices
  • Have a group of people to support you on your gut health journey
  • Eat with more mindfulness, paying attention to cues and reactions


    What’s included in this 30-day program?

    I want you to feel completely supported. As part of this gut coaching program, you’ll get:

    Personalized Support

    • 1:1 Sessions: You will meet with Amanda in 2, 1:1 sessions to dig deeper into the mindful gut method. Each session is 30 minutes.
    • Weekly Videos: Each week you will receive a personalized video with info and goals related to each pillar of the Mindful Gut Method.
    • Goal Setting: The entire program is personalized to you and will be based on the needs and concerns you identify from creating your gut health wellness vision.

      Bonus Support

      • Weekly Meditations: Weekly meditations created by a therapist to help you destress and relax.
      • Weekly Yoga Flows: Weekly yoga flows created by a yoga therapist to help gently move your body and aid digestion.

      Meal Planning Support

      • A gut-friendly meal plan that is fully customizable and
      • Access to hundreds of recipes in Amanda’s gut-friendly recipe box


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      Frequently asked questions about the 30-Day Gut Reset Program

      Will I benefit from this gut coaching program?

      This coaching program is perfect for you if you are ready to explore the mind-body connection to gut health– both the attitudes and actions that are serving you as well as holding you back. Making positive changes with gut health will likely spark changes in other parts of your health as well!

      This is ideal for those who are open to discussions and exercises that support them holistically. This is not just a diet program. I will serve as a true “coach”, contributing my gut expertise but also helping you realize your own power and abilities to make the shifts you desire in your own life.

      Please be advised that you might not be a good fit for this program if you are struggling with an eating disorder.

      Is this an ongoing program?

      Yes. I only take a couple clients at a time. This allows me to provide the highest level of care and serve each one of you!

      How do I sign up?

      Start by filling out this application here. We will set up a free 20 minute call to make sure that this program is a good fit for you.

      Is there a 30-day guarantee?

      When you commit to engaging in the program, completing the exercises in the 30-day program as part of the Mindful Gut Method, and taking steps in your life, you’ll experience a change in your gut symptoms. Each person differs, so results may vary. There are no refunds available.