A Video Series About Poop With Dr. Carri Dominick

If you don’t follow me on Instagram you might have missed a series all about poop! I teamed up with Dr. Carri Dominick who is a pelvic floor physical therapist in Long Beach.  We teamed up to talk about all things poop and gut health.  

Talking Poop is Never TMI

Dr. Carri Dominick and I discuss why talking poop is never TMI. Poop and gut health are so important so I want to give everyone a couple tips to help. Build on these tips to have a healthy, happy gut that doesn’t leave you feeling heavy or bloated and uncomfortable.  Now there are a lot of other things you can do to fine-tune your gut but these are the foundation.

5 tips to help your gut:

  • Chillax: There is a mind-gut connection so when we are stressed so is our gut.

  • Bacteria: Healthy guts need healthy bacteria. Feed your gut with fermented foods or take a daily probiotic.

  • Water: Hydration is key for a healthy gut, especially one that might be a little sluggish.

  • Fiber: The recommendation is about 25-30 grams a day and guess what? The majority of us only eat about half of that.

  • Sensitivities: Uncover hidden food sensitivities to pinpoint the foods making your gut unhappy.

Meet Dr. Carri Dominick and me in this video where we start the convo talking about poop and why it’s never TMI. 

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My Top 3 Fiber Foods

It’s no surprise that fiber is a huge thing for a happy gut. 

In this video, we talk about my fave 3 fiber foods.  Do you guys remember that commercial where they sold chia heads? Ya, that was my only instruction to chia for a very long time. I just thought chia was the thing you buy for a gag gift for a friend to grow on their windowsill and think of you and laugh each time they saw it. 

I talk about chia, flax, and avocado in my video here. If you want a one-pan avocado lime salmon recipe then send me an email and told me you read this post and I’ll email it to you. The sheet pan recipe is super easy, fiber-packed with avocado and flavor full!

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Check out my fave fiber foods and spoiler alert avocado is a huge fiber food!

Best Pooping Position

If you have ever found yourself wriggling your booty around to every conceivable position while sitting on the toilet hoping to poop then this video is for you.

I’m the Vanna White of pooping in this video as Dr. Carri Dominick shows us the ideal pooping position.  I had never thought about how much pooping really until I started to have problems with constipation.

There is an art to finding the right position to poop and honestly, a toilet is not setting us up to be in the best pooping position. Squatting is actually the ideal position because it allows us to poop easier which can help with constipation and preventing hemorrhoids.

Watch the video to learn about how knee position matters as I become the Vanna White of poop.

Colon Massage

Massages aren’t just for our tense back muscles! A colon massage can help us with gas, bloating and constipation.  The massage can help move things along a bit better. 

Think of this as more of a relaxing massage vs deep tissue.

Here are a couple of tips to do this massage.

  • Use small, gentle, circular motions to do this massage.

  • Start on the right side of the body by the hip.

  • Go in an upside down U shape.

  • Move towards the left hip as you do the massages.

Watch the video as Dr. Carri Dominick demonstrates how to do this colon massage.