Has anyone else steamed broccoli so much that it didn’t look like broccoli anymore?

Steamed them so much that the water used to steam them gets that grassy green color and you wonder if the broccoli is even edible anymore?

But you continue to steam your broccoli because it’s effortless and you know you can have a veggie on your plate without any thought. Ya, I get it.

This is why I need variety with my veggies. There are only so many times I can steam broccoli or sauté zucchini before I get tired of it and then poof all of a sudden there isn’t any veggie on my plate. Then I’ll get mad at myself because when I stop eating veggies my stomach isn’t happy with me and I’ll feel blah and sluggish.

Working on variety is one of the cornerstones in my 90 Day Gut Reset Program.  During the initial phase of my client’s personalized elimination diet their food can be a kind of limited (of course we do a reintroduction of eliminated foods) so having food prepped different ways makes what you are eating more enjoyable.

Because if you are anything like me when you eat the same foods over and over again you get tired of them. For me I get tired of them fast. Regardless, if you can eat the same veggie prepared the same way everyday for a year variety in our diet is critical to prevent any food sensitivities and get different nutrients that our body needs.

Here are some new ways to have some of your tried and true veggies while you on your elimination diet or just because.


Broccoli Slaw

I’ll be completely honest. I can easily take or leave broccoli. But you make me some broccoli slaw and I’ll be asking for seconds. The other really nice thing about broccoli slaw is that you can easily find a premade broccoli slaw mix at the grocery store.  Easily add in whatever dressing works for your food sensitivities and you are set.


Zucchini Ribbons

Like I said there’s only so many times I can sauté zucchini but give me a zucchini ribbon and we are back in the game. I don’t know why but changing the shape of this veggie makes a huge difference for me and no cooking required! If spicy and you don’t mix than skip the chili oil.



Here is another stand out way to make zucchini. Again, it’s all about changing the shape of the veggie that makes it more exciting. In this recipe you don’t cook it but briefly.  You also add in some avocado and you got yourself your own dressing. Plus you can pick up any premade zoodles at any grocery store now.


Beet Spirals

I am coming at you with another veggie noodle except this time it’s with beets.  I love roasted beets but let’s face it, they took forever to make. So spriralizing them is perfect for when you want to eat beets without heating up the kitchen and having to wait an hour for them to cook.  


Carrot Spirals

Carrots are another veggie that needs a facelift. I often steam some baby carrots but I love the idea of incorporating the carrots into a salad. Just like with the other veggies you can easily find these premade. Mix them with your zoodles and you’ll have a refreshing salad. If teriyaki sauce doesn’t agree with your food sensitivities than omit it and do a basic dressing of oil and vinegar.